How to make a Pet Bandana

How to make a Pet Bandana

We received a cool collection of prints with dogs and cats for Christmas 2023 and so the Pet Bandana competition was born. The rules were simple, make a bandana using our Christmas prints for a fur baby and post the picture on our social media with the most popular being the winner. We had lots of fun entries with Oli’s gorgeous photo by Isabel Ray was declared the winner.

We think every fur baby needs a collection for every special occasion. They are super easy to make, taking about 15 minutes to stitch. So perfect for gift giving.

Get the pattern here


20cm-30cm of cotton print.
Dog/cat collar or ribbon.


  1. Print the pattern sheet, with your printer set at normal setting.
  2. Choose your preferred size, depending on neck size and pet height.
  3. Cut 2 pieces on fold for front and back.


  1. Use ¼” seam throughout.
  2. With right sides together, pin and stitch (2.5mm stitch length) the front and back together on all sides leaving an opening on the top edge.
  3. Clip all corners, turn right sides out and press all edges including the raw edge at the opening.
  4. On the back of bandana, fold the top down, aligning point A to B. Pin and press.
  5. Top stitch both edges to form the casing.
  6. Thread the dog or cat’s collar or a piece or ribbon through casing.
  7. Let your pet join the party.

We can’t wait to see your creations and if you’re sharing them on the socials, don’t forget to use the #oatleycottage hashtag.


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