INSPIRATIONS A Passion for Needlework 3 | Blakiston Creamery


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Compelled by the belief that every embroidery has a story waiting to be told, ‘A Passion for Needlework’ is a series of books from Inspirations Studios that tell these stories.

Inside the pages of 'Blakiston Creamery', the third book in the series, you will experience the delight of 12 beautiful and inventive needlework designs perfectly at home in an environment of rich, rustic textures, a location so stunning, it becomes its own character in the narrative.

As one of the world’s most beautiful needlework publications, each book in the series features 12 masterpieces for your stitching pleasure, hand selected to delight your senses and evoke your passion. Every project an adventure; each piece with its own unique story.

A Passion for Needlework | Blakiston Creamery is the ultimate coffee table book and how-to guide for any discerning needlework artisan. This 208-page publication features a hard cover with linen binding, gold foil, ribbon bookmark, premium quality print and a pocket for convenient storage of the pattern sheets.

Featuring lavish galleries of gorgeous photography for the admirer, meticulous and detailed instructions for the hands-on, all projects include our world leading step-by-step instructions complete with detailed diagrams, how-to guides, expert tips and tricks and illustrated stitching glossary.