Goldwork Embroidery Designs and Projects by Mary Brown


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Goldwork Embroidery by Mary Brown is the most comprehensive book on this ancient form of embroidery. The history of goldwork in Britain and Europe is illuminated with images in glorious full-colour of gold embroidered costumes and textiles held in museums and private collections, many never previously published or seen by the public. This book includes fifteen original projects that either reference historical examples or exhibit contemporary techniques for this form of embroidery. Follow practical step-by-step instructions to create your very own brilliant masterpiece.

A beautiful book that covers every aspect of goldwork embroidery- an essential on the bookshelf of every craftsperson.

SECTION I: BACKGROUND AND TECHNIQUES: 1 A Brief History of Goldwork Embroidery: Medieval Goldwork: 12th to 15th centuries; Tudor, Elizabethan and Stuart Goldwork: 16th and 15th centuries; Rococo and Regency/Directoire Goldwork: 18th and 19th centuries; 20th Century Goldwork. 2 Metal Threads: history and manufacture; 3 Materials, Equipment and Preparation; 4 Goldwork Embroidery Techniques.
SECTION II: THE PROJECTS: Contemporary Jewel; Circle of Hearts; Spray of Flowers; Silver Flower; White Poppy; Horus Eye; Medallion; Ornamental Fan; Portrait of a Woman; Basket of Flowers; Vine of Flowers; Japanese Landscape; Byzantine Angel; Cornucopia; Memories of Russia